Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"What Are You Doing Tomorrow?"

I saw the picture of us all in the sunlight. It was faint, but a remainding reminder of what was once everyday life. The warmth of summer air was a gift, and as I would wake up with the sun shining on me I was always reminded of great moments to come. It is getting close to a new spring again. I wonder where all the old phone calls have gone, where all the heat stricken roads have finally led to, and to where endless nights have found themselves. I looked back down at the picture on my phone. It was hard to swallow all the nostalgia as it tried to shove itself down my throat. Sighing was no good, and all that came out instead was a mute breath. My head ended up in my hands as I thought about everyone I spent a night with, all the places seen, everything that has been left unsaid. All the smiles inside me lit up the 8 P.M. dusk. I closed the picture, and my eyes followed suit. My window was open, and my room was warm as sweet notes were reaching into my ears. Beautiful days were in the back of my mind. For a moment, I was timeless.

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