Sunday, April 18, 2010

Splendor of Hills

Past the highway
over the gravel
into the blue.
To the splendors of pensive youth
the fruits of spring have left lain.

Idol love stands still in growing trees
as some soft faced girl stares forward in her car.
She drives nowhere you would like to visit anyways.
For you, onto the green hills
that hold steady with flooded grasses at their feet.

You set down your bike to watch
all the clouds go by over the hills.
The grass feasts upon your eyes,
clouds watch as you are drawn in
onto the point of infinite shut-eyed young dreams.

It is nearing evening but the afternoon
never seems to have peaked.
So the bike falls over while your own body
tumbles onto the grass along with it.
The sunshine feels sweet, there is no reason to move.

Forget your age,
feel it inside your bones instead.
Cars pass by with speechless faces
who all have their own anguishes and joys today.
Biding the time, you spend what sighs you have left
on the passing clouds that are fed into the sun's mouth.

Skin is turning from sallow winter to
the refreshed brown that those by your side
came down to kiss.
You have been lying on the grass for nearly two hours,
not knowing what you are waiting for.
It strikes you then,
there really is not anything to be waiting for.

So under the comfort of the freedom of angst
you throw yourself some questions that you would
never actually ask her.
Nevertheless, you think the feelings will all pass.

It is nearing seven in the evening as the sky
begins to explode with deep blue.
You are wondering if she thought about the way you walked today.

Hopping onto your bike to climb into your room again.
The ride home is hard, you are choking on a breath full of hanging words.

You cannot fool yourself, you know why.

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  1. The imagery is great here. I get a very real taste of the feelings and actions.