Monday, May 16, 2011


My eyes shut themselves, and a hissing beam of white light came over me in a distinct instant. The sound of glass shattering, then waves crashing, pulsed throughout my ears. I found a rolling wheel of soft stone running on the ground. As it made its way in a dizzying circle, I caught it as it neared towards me. I picked it up for a moment, it was light and carried little density as I rested it upon my shoulders in great pride. In a dark moment, the wheel fattened itself on its own stone and grew in weight. My shoulders gave out, and the wheel did not crack as it fell to the ground but rather kept dancing as it had previously. I watched it pass as I felt the burning of my broken shoulders. I opened my eyes, then plugged my ears with my fingers and proceeded to again shut my sight-caverns. A sigh pushed through me, then a smile.

I escaped the light,
rested my head on the foaming haze
to weep for the sounds
that will never be so deeply residual.
The glow drank from my hands,
birthing its wonder from the sky.
I stopped my mouth in fear of desecrating
a flash so fragile.
How holy blood is,
when it runs throughout
a sensory touched remembrance.
A fondness so deep
ascends over my head
beyond every last inconceivable quark.
This breath
gives me a cushion,
as my weary shoulders
grow tired of stone-hewn roads
trying to pose as marvelous paths.
treasure the gentle whir
alongside a whispering excersize in living
(I hope to be fit).

Shaking black and white photo
perfect photo portrait past mannerism
promising embrace
earth trembling shake
boundless silence;
crushing intent extant exhale
all was never met,
ending in mediation.

I cannot build a house
but I can construct great ruins
because all is borrowed
within the place of space-time
Give me a place within this fabric-
any point will do,
I shall intersect you and I
as I tear through photons
hoping to reach a fond place
by the grace of this endless circle!

If only for a hovering moment
permeating my closed eyes
I would tell the spectacle of poesy
how my bedroom appears tonight,
but that would simply
catch itself in a misunderstanding.

Liberating walk back through gravel alleyways,
wave rushing memories
quelling the loud hush
roaring at the sands of sense
illuminating the day
burying the present
touching the past
breathing back the now
timely gaze (never see)
Oh, how now
I breath deeply!

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