Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lusty Skies

Today I crawled out of bed with a cloud.
it was her who woke me.
The puffing swirls
brushed over my cheek
as I turned to push the sheets
past my restless legs.
This touch resounded;
culling such a tender cylce
that strands itself in an eternal second
suspended only by the beauty of a moment
free to move in memory
and live forever in its one-time glory.
Startled and shaking
I lifted my head,
placing my hands behind me
so that I may survey
what billowy wonder wakes me
out of such a bedside residence.
She rolls over me now,
those ribs of mine
did not drop with her weight.
Hovering breezes swept me instead,
no weight was to be known of this woman
who swims in grey pools
-and on summer days as such,
the deep azul clarity
awaiting outside the window.
The wondrous floating woman
meant to speak to me,
but her breezes told no tales
except for a cooling hush
which keeps me dancing on summer’s streets
until I must sing to the mistress of autumn.
Even when that red and orange clad mistress
clasps her hands on my shoulders,
and gently bites my ear
my hips will still be in the reach
of a lusty dog-day sky.

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